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The Playstation 4 is being released in the US and Canada on Nov 15, and on Nov 29 for Eurpoe and Latin America. The announcement was made by Sony in their press conference at Gamescom 2013. For free Playstation Store codes goto where you can also get yearly Playstation Plus subscriptions for free. It's one of the very best PSN code generators you will find.

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The company states that by the end of this year the PS4 will have thirty three games to choose from, which include NBA 2k14, Skylanders Swap Force, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Madden 25, FIFA 14, Battlefield 4, NBA Live, Need for Speed: Rivals, DRIVECLUB, Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Watch Dogs, Just Dance 2014 and Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

The system is going to be launched in a total of 50 countries throughout the year. 180 Playstation 4 titles are in progress in accordance with Sony, as a result a large number of games should follow in the year after the launch. Since the Summer of 2013, the volume of developers together increased from Five hundred to almost 620.

Twitch TV is a gaming site that streams gamers from around the globe, Sony promises to incorporate this service with their Playstation 4. Live streaming is popular for avid gamers on, with more than tens of millions of visitors a month to the site.

You'll be able to share your stream through Twitch with the new Playstation 4 controller, by pressing the “share” button. You do not pay anything to stream your games, it is going to be accessible for totally free for all Playstation 4 users.

If you’re hoping to play your current PSN games on your Playstation 4, you will be disappointed. Different architectures of each system makes it very difficult to move over video games from one to the other. Hence they will offer free PSN codes to those that have pre-ordered the Playstation 4.

Yet another new feature the next generation Playstation 4 will be getting is a 3D VR display capabilities. This impressive news will likely be released at the Tokyo Game Show 2013, a gaming event that occurs in Tokyo, Japan.

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The PS4’s new controller; the DUALSHOCK4, comes with new added features as well as some minor ergonomic upgrades. It will feel very familiar to the Playstation’s controller so there won’t be any learning curve at all.

Another excellent feature is the capability to give speech commands to the Playstation 4. The Playstation Camera comes fitted with mics that will recognize verbal commands. With all the new voice commands and facial recognition capabilities by the camera, a whole new experience will arise! The feature is a lot like the Kinect, for the Xbox One.

The Playstation 4 gaming console comes with an trendy and visually attractive design, regardless of where it is placed. It’s more defined versus the Playstation 3. Like earlier next gen console releases, it appears oversized. The next generation Playstation 4 is equipped with some of the newest and most powerful hardware found on high-end PC gaming stations.

Other fundamental facts you need to know include:

Playstation 4 isn't compatible with Playstation 3 video games or earlier, and will only run classic games over the Playstation Cloud.

Playstation 4’s new game controller has a clickable touch pad, light bar, and share button. The lightbar operates the same way as the Playstation Move.

To be able to view you, the Playstation 4’s eye has 2 1280 x 800 cams, each employing a sight of 85 degrees, and a set of mics for voice commands.

The addition of a "second screen" will be made through the PlayStation App, to be made for iOS as well as Android, and via the PlayStation Vita.

A special bonus to people which have pre-ordered the Playstation 4 is a pick of PSN codes for free or a video game of their choice.
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